Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13 | The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

The finale segment is going to mark the day when the writers of this show would sit down and brainstorm that what’s next, where is the group going to head now. A more lethal walker is what I would want in the show now, maybe a new type.

In The Walking Dead season 2 episode 13, the group is surrounded by a group of walkers and slowly and dangerously they are approaching towards them. Shane and Randall also emerge, but the group finds out that they have changed as they are now the undead. Download this segment as it is like the foundation of the new upcoming season.

The members of the group are bewildered as they thought that it is impossible, they know that they were not bitten but still they infected. Rick might know that something like this has happened.

If you analyze carefully, you will come to know that the saliva and the blood of a walker is infected and when it blends with a healthy man or woman’s blood, it spreads the infection thereby contaminating the blood of that person. In the 18 Miles Out segment, a mere scratch infected two police officers and they were turned into zombies.

Meanwhile, Carl is going to ask Rick about the gun blasts that occurred, he is curious about it and his father must answer him this time. Catch this segment as it hits the airwaves on March 18, 2012.